Get $ Cash-Flow for Your Company or Small Business with Expert Help on: Employee Retention Credit (ERC / ERTC) Tax Refund, Claims, Filings, Form 941-X, IRS or SBA Appeal Process.

Our mission, since Day 1 of the COVID pandemic, is dedicated to helping save your company or small business from lost sales, lost customers, lost revenue, and from financial ruin. We assist in navigating the complex and confusing government COVID Financial Relief Programs such as the various SBA Disaster Loans (PPP, EIDL, RRF) that started March 27th, 2020 and officially ended on May 6th, 2022.

2023 Update: Good news! There is still time to file and claim the Employee Retention Tax Credit Refund from the IRS for W-2 employees you had on payroll during the past 2020 and 2021 tax filing years. Deadlines are April 2024 for the 2020 tax year, and April 2025 for the 2021 tax year, to file amended 941-X forms to claim your business tax refund for each quarter you are eligible and qualify for.

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Throughout the COVID-19 Coronavirus Economic Pandemic Crisis, our Tax and Accounting Team has been assisting Business Clients with the SBA document preparation and application submission process, and the complicated and confusing Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Employee Retention Credit (ERC) business tax refund eligibility, claims, and filing process.

DLA is a highly-specialized professional services tax advisory consulting firm that has been immersed in key SBA Disaster Loan Programs and IRS ERC / ERTC Tax Credit Programs, since March 2020. This is all we do. 

We offer reasonable fee-based and paid expert assistance for busy business Clients needing help navigating the complex and confusing Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL), Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), Restaurant Revitalization Fund (RRF), and other popular Small Business Administration SBA programs, and the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) program, all without charging a percentage % or contingency fee.

You should never pay a contingency fee or percent % fee, ever. It’s your money. Money your business needs to recover.

With Disaster Loan Advisors™ your company can Stay Safe. Stay Compliant. Keep More of Your Refund™

Having helped over 1500+ SBA business clients to date, we know what works and what does not, in order to give you the best possible shot at getting to a “yes”. *While there are no guarantees (let’s face it, we are dealing with the SBA, a government agency, and every situation is unique to each company, an impossibility to have a one-hundred percent success rate), we averaged a 75% to 85% success rate (depending on the SBA program and situation) on those Clients that we knew we could help.

*For the IRS Employee Retention Credit program, there is virtually a 95 to 100% success rate because it is based solely on your company eligibility and numbers. The ERC Credit is a business tax refund that is based on current IRS tax rules and regulations. It is important to do this correctly by-the-book in order to determine your eligibility, and calculate your company numbers correctly from the past 2020 and 2021 tax filing years. Unless you have past IRS tax issues, you will receive an Employee Retention Credit Tax Refund if you qualify and file the forms correctly.

Do You Have More Than One Business Entity?

We love to work with entrepreneurs that have multi-entity needs. Multiple Limited Liability Companies (LLC), S-Corporations, C-Corporations, Limited Partnerships (L.P.), other ownership groups with multiple business entities, multiple location type businesses such as restaurants, auto dealerships, retail groups, and other complex situations that require an SBA or IRS tax expert to be brought in to assess the situation and create the most strategic path forward.

Initial consultation calls are always free and strategically add value to your business. This is not a sales call. This is a consultative and educational-based call. We listen and diagnose your unique situation, and offer strategic options you could pursue on your own with the SBA or IRS, or with our expert assistance (if we determine we are able to help).

During that call, if we feel we are able to help with your specific situation, we do have a fair and reasonable flat fee depending on the services you engage with. There is never a % or contingency fee charged. Everything is clearly discussed verbally and put in writing, should you decide to move forward. There is zero pressure. We are here to help you save you time and share our expertise of having helped over 1500+ business Clients with the various SBA EIDL, PPP, and RRF programs, and over 700+ IRS Employee Retention Credit claims and filings.

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